• Essential Services
    Contact - Danny Shorthouse

Location Yalata Plant Station

Maintenance of Power and sewerage systems to Yalata.
Maintenance of all-weather landing strip and lighting which is located 500 metres out of Community.
Daily checks of diesel powered electricity plant and associated maintenance
Monitor water production from bores and desalination plant
Monitor collection and treatment of septic tank effluent
Supply household gas
Airstrip maintenance
PY Air delivers mail twice a week & Flying Doctors Service

  • Maintenance
    Location Yalata Community CDEP Office
    Tel 08 8625 6341, Fax 08 8625 6357

    repairs and maintenance to community facilities
  • Municipal Services
    Location Yalata Community Office
    Tel 08 8625 6040, Fax 08 8625 6030, Mobile 0428256043

Contact Danny Shorthouse
email opsmanager.yalata@bigpond.com
Responsible for overseeing of machinery operations, road and refuse tip maintenance
Grading of roads
Removal of "hard" rubbish from town
Weekly refuse tip tidy
Reporting machinery repairs needed


  • Store
    Contact Outback Stores

Location Yalata Community
Tel 08 8625 6989, Fax 08 8625 6340
Provide a range of food and beverages, with emphasis on nutrition and competitive pricing.
Retailing products five days a week
Weekly stock take and ordering
Receive goods into store
Act as Post Office for community
Maintaining facility to acceptable standards


  • Land Management Program

    Contact Alessandro Madonna

    Location Yalata Roadhouse

    Tel 08 8625 6036

Email lanman.yalata@bigpond.com

Web www.yalata.org/



  • Women's Group

Contact Kristy Richards - location Women's Centre

Tel 86256040,mobile 0427 256 307 Fax 86256030,

The Women's Centre Program provides a well managed, well equipped venue- staffed by a half time Women's Centre coordinator- that delivers regular activities, ongoing programs, events, workshops and forums.


By offering a range of attractive, beneficial programs (determined throughout the year by women in consultation with the Women's Centre Coordinator) and delivered by the Women's Centre Coordinator with the assistance of Yalata women and external consultants, YCI aims to engage most women in the Community. The primary objectives are to impact positively on women's leadership, representation, safety, well being and economic status.


Programs delivered/supported under the headings of:

  • arts and craft support/workshops
  • information technology training
  • digital computer art training
  • cooking and nutrition classes
  • cultural support including trips for women's cultural business
  • health and well being programs in conjunction with Tallawon Health Service
  • leadership development programs
  • personal development programs
  • attendance and participation at external conferences/events/training.