• Yalata Anangu School
    Contact Principal Roxanne Ware
    Location Yalata, SA
    Address PMB 22, Ceduna, SA 5690
    Tel 08 8625 6280
    Email info@yalataab.sa.edu.au
    Opened 1957 - Students 64
Anangu Coordinator Melvina and Principal Roxanne
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Latest School News  
There will be a Easter Parade on 3rd of April at 2:30pm. Parent's are all welcome to the school to watch their children parade.
School Holidays is coming up soon.  The kids get 3 weeks off!
Term 2 starts Thursday on 26 April
Students and their welfare
The majority of enrolled students at this school are Anangu Pitjantjatjara. We have several children from nursing or other work-based families, but all other children come from Pitjantjatjara first language speaking families.
Health Care Programs - Staff have a strong ethics of student welfare, showing a high level of flexibility in catering for students' learning and social needs as they arise.
Health Programs run by the school include:-
  • Breakfast
  • Shower
  • Fruit at recess
  • Healthy food policy for the canteen
  • Fruit for children who have no lunch
  • Healthy food policy for canteen
  • Regular visits to the Community Health Clinic
Special programs
Students entering the school environment for the first time are well resourced through the ESL-ILLS program (English as a second Second Language - Indigenous Language Speaking Students)
Core Business
This school strives to facilitate for each student, CPS adult Maximum academic and social learning with a high degree of both independence and cooperation through a safe and supportive school environment
School Vision Statement
At Yalata Anangu School, we will provide the best learning opportunities for students by being positive, professional, open and supportive of each other.
We will achieve this by working in partnership with families, community and support agencies to provide programs that promote active participation and outcomes for students in a safe, supportive and well resourced learning environment.
Yalata is a unique community and it is important to work together to make a positive difference for the future.
School Priorities:-
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Assessment in English and Math
  • Information Communication Technology
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Attendance and Participation of all students and retention of senior secondary students
  • Pitjantjatjara Language and Cultural Studies Program
Other Co-Curricular Activities
Camps are highly valued by the community. Each year all school aged children are given the opportunity to participate in a whole school or class camp.
Fair Days, discos and movie nights are organised to occur at least once each term
School Facilities - Buildings and Grounds
The school consists of 15 buildings which accommodate the CPC, 2 Junior Primary classes, Middle Primary, Upper Primary,
Secondary class, Resource Centre, Home EC/Canteen, Art Room, Activity Room and Administration area.
School Decision Making
The school has a Governing Council which meets twice each term. The Chairperson of the Council is Maureen Smart.

Literacy and Numeracy support for Yalata Projects

Bonni and Gulli from TafeSA are helping with literacy, numeracy and computer training in Yalata.  Students are working on resumes, internet and emails and thinking about work they might like to do.

Kayleen and Bonni working together on emails